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Our First Act: Vanishing Paperwork

Instead of a stack of paperwork, with BayPoint you’re enrolled directly into our proprietary employee benefits administration & HR management software. With a couple simple key strokes every onboarding and offboarding form is processed, then stored in a secure cloud-based platform. It takes minutes to enroll your employees in a benefits program from BayPoint and have all of their HR forms resided safely in one place.

Some things work better on paper (diplomas, birthday cards, origami…).

Some things don’t.

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With you from the Startup Accelerator to the Fortune 500 list.

Our #1 objective is to help you scale.

We provide the resources you need to grow as a business. Because of our digital coverage management software, scaling up your coverage is only a click away. We believe in growing accounts, because as you grow, we grow.

A bigger broker doesn’t necessarily mean better broker – especially if the benefit plan administration service and consulting become generic.

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What is your approach? To provide a simple, paperless, employee benefits administration process at no additional cost

By the way, it’s all free.

Because we are an insurance broker and not an insurance company, you will never write us a check for any of the benefits administration services that we provide. We operate entirely on our commissions that we receive from the insurance companies. Here are four things our competitors won’t tell you though:

Insurance is insurance

The coverage and having access to all the different insurance carriers is exactly the same whether you choose our competitors or us.

The price is the price

The price you pay is exactly the same whether you choose us, go direct to the insurance carrier or use one of our competitors.

The commission is the commission

We work in a very regulated industry so all insurance brokers are paid exactly the same no matter which insurance broker you choose.

Changing brokers is so easy

On a single sheet of paper you can change brokers at any time without causing disruption to your employee or the current plan.

Transparency comes standard

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